Speak from a place of love

People will hear you from the place you speak from - ACIM

I was watching Oprah give a talk, and she said before she interviews anyone she asks them "What is your intention, what do you hope to achieve from this interview, what message do you want to get across?" And then she tells them what her intention is - bringing clarity before beginning and from an honest place.
How many times we go in to a situation unclear, hidden agendas and then get disappointed when our expectations are not met? If people think or believe you have hidden agendas or are being even a tad bit inauthentic then guess what? chances are they will respond in that way.

If we speak from a place of judgement, the other party will pick up on it
If we speak from a place of love, the other party feels it
So I asked myself, where do I speak from and what is my intention?
It's two quite powerful questions which can serve as a guide to me on this journey

Courage over comfort
As Don Miguel Ruiz says - have the courage to ask and don't assume
Speak from a place of love and see what happens



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