Focus on you

Consumed by what others are doing, some have forgotten to count their own successes and improve themselves Ijeoma

Focus on yourself. Focus on you being you and following your passion and heart's desire

When I was growing up, I had a ritual with my granma when I was about 7 years old. I would wait until she got home from work, we would make tea and sit on her bed and she would ask me how was my day at school, we would talk while we sip tea. I would look forward to it, I felt so grown sipping tea and chatting in her bedroom which was usually off limits.

And I would tell her about my friends who did this, and how their parents came to pick them up and they did better than me in the spelling and how I felt so hurt and sad that I was not first in the class or first to get picked up after school by a family
She would say to me and I am almost sure it was daily now in reflecting
You focus on you
You do better than you did yesterday and then the next day do better than that
You spend time on doing what you do better than you ever did
Be happy for those who are doing well
That is what I want you to do for mummy ok?
You have nothing to prove or show a soul ok?
And I would sip my tea nod my head and say hmm mummy you don't get it
She would respond, I get it and you get me, - it's bedtime!

Today, I think I do not have a competitive bone in my body except with myself, I am so not concerned with other people are doing that it appears at time as if I don't care. I do care about people however I know that my focus lies in being the best me.
When I forget that and my focus shifts I either call my "mummy" or if I cannot call her I remind myself that I have nothing to prove and nothing to lose.

Then I become realigned


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