Building prisons in your mind

If you build a prison in your mind and then hold yourself hostage, please do not blame anyone. Do not blame anyone but yourself. Ijeoma

I have learnt that whatever you attach to your I am that is what you become. Simple
I heard that message being taught even by religious leaders. What does that mean?
I am sick
I am fed-up
I am happy
I am positive
You become whatever you attach your I am to
And this is not to deny how you feel, if you are ill you are ill. The challenge begins when we start giving labels to things that we have no business doing or giving credence to
Listen to yourself
What do you attach to yourself that you inherited, gave no though to and just ran with it, unconsciously
What do you attach to yourself because you have given up  taking responsibility for honoring yourself, acknowledging the truth 
I listen in awe when people start labeling themselves with diseases and ailments - with absolutely no evidence 
I listen in awe when people make excuses for bad behaviour 
I listen when people attach to their I am that they are stupid- with a grin attached
and the list goes on and on
I am unlimited
I am love
I am service
I am raising the vibes
I am getting to good
I am health 
What about those
Say it and see what you become


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