Who do you want to become?

I think as women, as women of color, as black women, too often we hear about what we "need to do." How we need to behave, what we need to wear, what's deemed as too much or not enough, the cultural politics of what society considers appropriate for us and for our lives. What I am learning is that the most important questions you can ask yourself are "What do I want?" and "Who do I want to become?" Lupita Nyongo

In order to achieve your vision, you must ask yourself, who am I willing to become? Chances are your vision is big, it's huge, it is different to where you are. Many times the comfort keeps us stuck, discomfort is not encouraged.
Who are you willing to become in the pursuit of your vision? What are you willing to gain, what are you wiling to give and more importantly what are you willing to give up?
I want to become fit and healthy, in order to do that I must be willing to give the time to exercise, I must be willing to give up the daily chocolate and fancy breads!
I want to be a world renowned speaker and author-what is required for that to happen, to give, to get, to gain. A Course in Miracles says what you give you get.
You decide
No one else
Who are YOU becoming
Not who are you being told to be
Its scary, but do it!


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