Indicators of when it is not working

Indicators of when it simply is not working:
  1. You use “it sucks” in a sentence to describe any aspect of your situation.
  2. You “drag your ass” to it.
  3. Sunday night anxiety (dreading Monday.)
  4. Dismal sales (yes, the universe speaks to us through cash flow.)
  5. The bleak absence of synchronicity.
  6. Not a whole lot of thanks coming your way.
Danielle La Porte

OMG! relief when I can just admit it, and the thing what I have learnt  is that admitting when things are not working does not equate with me fixing it immediately! Nope! And that was my fear, if I admit that it doesn't work I would have to fix it and I may have doubts if I can indeed fix it,as well as admit to myself that I messed up- that's a nope as well
Admitting it means I can make another choice and recognizing the lessons.
I don't have to fix it right away either, hell I may not even know how to fix it (times like these repeat episodes of Iyanla Fix My Life come in handy!) 
Sometimes there is nothing to fix just an acknowledgement, an acceptance that another choice is required, another place is necessary.

Here's to penny dropping moments, moving on and making new choices


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