Nothing gives meaning to what is nothing

Nothing gives meaning where no meaning is. And truth needs no defense to make it true. ACIM

This is one of my favourite lessons in the Course- truth needs no defense, whatsoever! whether we believe it or not, it is the truth, whether we make excuses or not, it remains true and added to that is when we know the truth, make excuses and attach meaning to something - nothing gives meaning where no meaning is. And so, I am reminded of this so many times it actually assists me when I am making decisions, when I am being defensive and denying the truth that is so evident.

Yesterday I had the privilege to share lessons on the journey to 40 other Charities, civil society organisations and people working to make the world better than they found it. I remembered "nothing gives meaning where no meaning is" when the point was raised that the world is in such a horrible state? Is that really true? Is it true that we are doomed? nothing can give meaning to that, at least for me. So the discussion moved to hope and is having hope enough.
The truth is, we are here with a wonderful opportunity to continue to learn, to share, to demonstrate that opportunities exist and to continue along with faith that there is meaning and method to the madness

On a totally separate note, but just wanted to share, the crew that worked together to facilitate the coming together of these organisations are an absolute gem, I felt so inspired to be a part of this team of women who showed up as themselves, authentic and in service
Giving thanks for being a part of a super crew!


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