Where Humility and Appreciation are discovered

We all must experience the discomfort of poor decisions, because that is where humility and appreciation are discovered. Brenden Dilley

We all make decisions that at sometimes poor, they affect others around us, they hurt people, some decisions may make you financially disempowered, emotionally bankrupt, you name it- it had an effect on  your world however, the story does not end there, you can always always always make another choice
One thing I have learnt is mistakes make masters and keeps me humble and grateful. It pulls me back when I am ready to pounce on someone who seemingly makes a poor choice. I think wow I have done worse and when I have done worse I truly thought that I was doing my best, or that was the information I had available to me and so I am reminded about my own mistakes and poor choices when I am about to jump on my high horse, to react to someone and also when I am about to make another choice
Note to self- we are all on our own journeys


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