Honor Yourself

Thou shalt honor thyself enough not to take things that do not belong to you, and this includes other people's people - Iyanla Vanzant

One of the most challenging lessons I have learnt is the honoring of myself. Why? Because for one thing I firmly believed that I was a good person, doing good things and living a good life and then I realized that being a good person had absolutely nothing to do with how I honored myself or if indeed I honored myself. Being a good person was a social construct based on my upbringing of respecting my elders, paying my dues, working hard - nothing to do with me and how I showed up for me and in the world. It was hard at first to swallow that honoring myself was steeped in the fact that I had to be radically honest in all situations and take responsibility for every single thing that was happening in my life down to even my health.
Honoring myself involved taking responsibility for my own life and how I live - all.the.time!
Honoring myself involved keeping the agreements that I made with ME and renegotiating them when they absolutely required  not because I was punking out
Honoring myself involved celebrating my triumphs without excuses or dumbing them down to make others who were not honoring themselves feel comfortable around me
Honoring myself involved doing what was morally right - every.single,time
Honoring myself involved forgiveness of myself first and then others
Honoring myself involved accepting myself as I am
Honoring myself meant saying no - because sometimes no was the most loving thing to say
The whole concept was like wow, this is different to being "good"
I have learnt that when I honor myself, every.single.decision.comes.from.that.space


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