Use the fire

We now live in a society where we are encouraged to make feelings that make us feel uncomfortable go away. We do this by jumping on our phone, using social media, eating, drinking, taking medication, accepting situations or people in our life that we know aren't right but bring certainty with them and, as a result remove our doubts and fears.  Jasmine Skee
I have too much stress- a very common statement!  I say now I have ,too much fire, too much inner heat that manifests itself in  what we call stress
too much inner creativity that you are not using!
you haven't given birth to the thing inside you that needs to come out- due to fear mainly!
 you haven't participated in a ritual that you need to do to make you feel valued
and the fire starts burning in you, it spreads 
and you become "stressed"
status quo, fear, living unconsciously, inauthenticity stops us in our tracks in using the fire to create, to burn.
the fire rages on, it burns right through you instead of for you
I have a sleeping disorder - no you don't it's the fire, you can't turn the light out at night
I have a sinus problem - no you don't it's the fire - its burning up your nostrils
I have an allergy - newsflash it's the fire talking to you
Call it- call the "sickness" - trust me it's the fire
The fire, it's not where you burn from
Use the light, light up your soul, it really is okay


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