You ALONE decide your value

To truly be free, we must choose beyond simply surviving adversity, we must dare to create lives of sustained optimal well-being and joy. Bell Hooks

There's no one else that gets to determine what you allow into your life other than you. You always have a choice for how high your bar is. So, take responsibility for your own greatness and aim really effing high.

Your value (of yourself) is literally all that matters. It's the one thing that no one gets to decide for you, ever. 

Not ever. No matter how they talk to you. No matter how they pay you. No matter what they think of you. No matter if you’re hired. No matter if you’re fired. If you’re dumped or have a line of suitors. Whether the trolls think you’re ugly and dumb. Or the drunk dude squeezed your ass in a bar. If they think you’re writing is shitty. Or if they all left you out of the big plans. If he thinks you’re too much. If your family is shunning you for forgetting where you came from. If you got the 17th rejection letter. 

So when you do decide your value is higher than the Himalayans (because it is)...It will change everything. You’ll feel so empowered to have all the conversations you need to have. You won’t second-guess asking for more money or flexibility. You won’t think twice about telling him that his lack of communication isn’t good enough for you no matter how much you like him. You won’t wince at speaking your opinion. You’ll be OK with people knowing you’re concerned. Asking for different terms. Or telling someone what you need. Because you value you. You know what you need. You honor what your heart is asking for. When you've determined what's good enough for you, settling won’t be on the table. Ever.

Thank you Maxie for sharing this with me, I wanted to share with you


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