Live with the consequences

Responsibility is not about whether you like what you have to do. Liking has nothing to do with the choice of responsible action Carolyn Myss

Some things that I know, I really know, are in my best interest to do sucks! It really sucks but the choice to do it is a responsible one, it allows growth and clarity.
How many times have you been in a position that you just know what you have to do, you know what the responsible choice is, and you fail to take that door because of discomfort, shame, guilt, and plain ole' laziness?
I have done this many times, from eating habits, to relationships and as much as the choice at the time is comfortable the consequences are many times long term and dire.
Courage over comfort as Brene Browne says, head into the storm like a buffalo who when they se a storm coming runs through it until they believe they are on the other side
As soon as we make the "comfortable" choice the blame game starts, the justification lines start pouring out of our mouths with absolutely no shame knowing full well that it is BS

1. I really love junk food - its only a little I am eating
2. I love him - it's complicated
3. I don't have time to exercise
4. It's not my fault, she is just a sour puss
5. I just cannot be bothered to go to the doctor right now, the pain will pass

Add to the list, I can go on and on
Making a responsible choice takes courage, honesty, authenticity and self love
Which we all have buried inside of us, pull it out when required
or live with the consequences


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