As within so without

Your inside is a reflection of your outside. Your inner world is a reflection of your outer world.
Your outer world and the things you create into your reality is a mirror of what you believe and have created inside of you. The Law of As within so without

Truth - it's real, the truth just is and we cannot make untruth true, no matter what we do, we can deny it, ignore it, work around it - truth cannot be changed or untrue's become truth
It sometimes is a bitter pill to swallow. Bitter medicine many times work to cure the ailments
Change your mind, change your life - that's a truth

I have been resisting, I have been holding on to thoughts of fear and it is manifesting itself in my life.
I really have been asking the Universe to guide me on how to change my thoughts
I started saying an affirmation "Changing my thoughts are easy and comfortable" it has become a mantra, I speak it into being and what I have learnt is that when I change the way I see things, the situation is accepted  (not liked) and I make a more informed choice- my perception changes, many times the situation remains the same and all that has changed is how I think about it.

The Universe is so loving, that it provides us with clues - what is reflecting and happening in our lives are the clues. Hard to accept sometimes, but the choices we make internally gets reflected back to us externally and will do so until we make another choice. Simple!

Thoughts.words.action must be in alignment



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