A big life is a life of peace

When you live authentically you have no time to waste emotion on temporary and sometimes necessary setbacks. The focus for you is always long term and on what possibilities patience and hard work will garner when you continue pressing forward. You are relationship-oriented. The authentic leader knows certain battles must be lost to win the war. Raise The Vibration

There is no magic wand, no magic dust, no fairy dust either. It takes consistency,  discipline and self-belief to live a big life. Self Belief involves SELF, other people may not agree or co-sign to what you are called to do. Get comfortable with that- and fast.
A big life is a life of peace, contentment and joy. A big life is one where you take responsibility  for your life and you aren't playing a victim role.
A big life is one where you use your gifts without apology to make where you are a better place, to allow you to live your highest life
You show up - with faith - in love, knowing that seeds have been planted and the harvest is coming.
It takes work y'all trust me. The fairy dust is a myth
Luck has nothing to do with it.


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