Balance it

Deceive yourself no longer that you are helpless in the face of what is done to you. ACIM

Last night I had no plans of going to the Restorative Yoga Class, I wanted to get home have my Skype meeting, read up on the weekend's football then hit my bed early.  
As I was walking home I saw a really good  friend , she asked me to go to Yoga with her, well she pleaded. Okay then, I will go, I've relented, since you asked so nicely.

As I sat waiting on the class to start a very well known lady walked in, she could barely walk, she had a walking stick as her aid. My mouth fell open. I would see her around town, on the newspapers, the television, well everyone would see her, she was a hard worker, successful, at the gym, doing her thing. After the class I asked the teacher what happened to her
She said "Stress"

I had to ask again just to confirm what I heard

"Did you say stress?"

"Yes - it's all stress related, and not taking time to rest and take care of her body in a proper way"

What a wake up call! I am officially woke

Balance is essential. Do I want to "have it all" and not enjoy it? Hell naw!

All work and all stress is a recipe for disaster, clearly....

What have we placed as priorities in our lives?
Are we working so hard that even our health is at risk?
What for?
Who does that serve?
Find a way to balance it, some thing's gotta give
My grandma says, everything in moderation, even moderation in moderation


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