The power is real

Stuttering with your new power doesn’t make it any less real. Danielle La Porte

You have done the work, in fact , you continue to do the work
You have left the relationship that disnonors you and encourages bad behaviour, yours and others
You have quit the blood sucking job, the one you drag yourself too daily
You have booked the doctor's appointment
You have started the therapy, the counselling
You have started saving money and making a budget

You hit a wall
You stumbled

Hey, no problem, you stubbed your toe on the ramp, does it mean you are a loser? Hell no
Does it mean that you will go back to the old habits and old behaviour? maybe not
It's just a stumble, the power is still there, it never left
Believe that!

Lighten up will ya?
Ask yourself, what does the present moment hold? And listen


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