Breakdowns suck. They're full fallouts. You've lost a job. You're on the verge. You got passed over. You were totally rejected. You know them when you're in them and when you're in them you want O U T. Anywhere but there. The best thing you can do is stay really present. Ask the ole #universe for help. And follow your gut. The answer may not show up right away, but it will eventually. And until it does, do everything you can to return to your essence. To stay in a place that feels good – hobbies, people, activities, and joys that fuel your soul.
And most importantly, keep your chin up. So you can see what shows up. If it surprises you completely, but it feels right in your bones, move. Don't overthink it. Don't over analyze it. Just listen to that feeling of rightness and moooooove Maxi McCoy

I decided to do an experiment. I wanted to test the theory of leaning in and being fully present in a moment, wholly, holy and true in a moment that was totally uncomfortable, in a moment that I was totally vulnerable. No playing cool, no playing super woman.
Full emotion
Full lean in
Fully present
It was tough, I won't lie to you
but I went in like a buffalo in a storm
Ran into it eyes open
I decided that I would not avoid the situation, face it and feel all the feelings
Constantly talking to myself
Constantly reassuring myself that it is a necessary part of the journey to get to the other side
I laughed through the discomfort
Then I cried 
I felt pretty scared
then I relaxed 
and it became easier
I gained a level of confidence that said to me that this discomfort can be handled.
That's what happens in life. Shit will breakdown big time so that we're forced to look elsewhere for how to move forward. So that we look beyond our own narrowly focused hopes. So that we can see incredible things that are SHOWING up. Incredible things that we didn't necessarily know to even want. Things we hadn't written down. Opportunities or people that didn't look anything like what we said we wanted.


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