Decide to Grow

Commit to small, daily actions. They build into big ones. Everyday actions lead to the large leaps. And they help build our foundation for confidence - Maxi McCoy

Today launched the NiNa Programme 6th Cycle - the programme is in it's 6th year. When I started it my intention was to use my time to give back something instead of feeling sorry for myself. Today they reminded me it was 6 years, I did not even realize that so much time had passed. We started going down memory lane and having fun with it, all the lessons we had learnt from Day one.
I am pretty grateful and humbled by it all
I was also asked  today about growing the programme.
It reminded me of a conversation I had with a business woman when I first got into the game back in London in the early 2000's - she told me as I grow, my business will grow, when I decide that growth is essential then it will happen, when the Universe wants to push me to grow there will be growth, either way it will happen.
Inside the mix for me is some fear, I want to have it all figured out, I think about the funding - or the lack thereof. My own schedule of travelling and what happens when I do leave.
All that to say that " when I grow, the programme will grow" It seems that I may have some growing to do.

Grateful to Ms Toby, Ms Clarke, and the staff of the Bishop's and Trinity East for all their support in making this happen


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