Will we be who we really are?

Just sit for a minute - Inner Light

I wanted to share some points that I got from a lecture by Deborah L Johnson which came, as usual, right on time, for me.

This week upon reflection, I have learnt that life is whole - the departmentalization of life is a set up for sufferation. There is you that shows up for all of life, there is not a different you that show up for different occasions - how confusing is that to wear so many different masks?  not just for you but for everyone else around you

There is not YOU and LIFE
There is not YOU trying to do life
You are activity in motion
We are life itself - it is not happening to us
Turn to your own self as evidence of life
When you are coming up with the who you are just don't come up with the things you have, the things you own, the outer things
What is the activity of your life?
What is the vibration of your life?
What are you resonating with?
The test is to demonstrate what you have to demonstrate success. Life is not a pop quiz.
Bring everything , bring all of you, bring it all together
It is time to stand on what we know, not on what we have
We waste time in judgement about how wrong a situation is, how wrong the situation we are in is -  when we don't have a particular thing or a particular job or a particular partner, we even go down as far as a particular handbag, or shoe or designer clothes -Let that go

We don't need the energy of what is wrong.
It's called healing, it's called growth, it's called transformation
You cannot heal what you don't feel
You have to be willing to stand in this moment called NOW
Or sometimes we pretend what we are going through or dealing with is irrelevant because we don't want to deal with it
Look at it
The question is will be who we really are?


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