Don't water it down

Don't water down what you are doing so that people will agree with you- Marianne Williamson

As a recovering people pleaser this new phase of my life can be quite challenging at times. I rub people the wrong way with some of my actions, words and deeds. For many reasons, which I cannot give all, because I really do not know all of them.

I rub up on some wounds that are either being healed, are still open or festering. When a wound is touched it is most times painful. I get that. I get that there are things that people will not be ready to face, I get that there are some things which are not ready to be dealt with. I get it.
I know now, that I must be willing to know that some people will be pissed off with the message I am sharing. Not everyone will be ready,open and happy about it. And I am okay with that. Every thang a'int for everybody!

It is not my responsibility to change how people feel. My responsibility is to have the intention of sharing my story with authenticity, love, clarity and peace. Once I do that I have done my best and all that I can. The response is not up to me

Sharing your story in an authentic way you risk that there will be people who may not like it, or the messenger
The question needs to be asked, are you willing to be in a position where people are not pleased?
If you are WILLING to be, then go through hard!
You are on the path


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