Take Responsibility - in any situation ask How did I create this? How can I create a new result?  Dave Ellis

Who do your outsource your life to? When I was married I depended on my husband for my happiness as well as, my safety. It just seemed natural. When he decided  to leave I was so used to outsourcing those things I resented the fact that I had to make some changes, for months I was like a fish out of water, it did not turn out well for me. I neglected so many things including paying some of my bills and let him know that because of him my life was "falling apart"
And then one day it hit me like a brick - you are outsourcing your whole life! New times involve new actions. I really had to laugh at myself. I took this to whole other level. I now simply refused to ask anyone for anything, to ask for help- yea I take things to the extreme- I'm working on that
My point it, we are responsible for our lives, that involves making choices and living with the consequences. Quite a sobering thought!

Blame, excuses, and resenting people for not giving us what we want will not turn out well for you

Not asking for help - same - will usually not turn out well either

A balance is recommended.



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