Build from contentment

you must build from a place of contentment rather than from need. from a place of desire rather than obligation  or duty or fear. Iyanla

It's easy to be fine and content when things are going well and swimming along nicely. It is easy to spend money and make investments when you have money and safe access to money. The challenges come when you don't have or cannot see - as they say where I am from "when you cyan't see yuh way" This is where faith and belief comes in. This is where the rubber hots the road. The ability to see a way out of no way.

The Law of Polarity states that everything that exists has an equal and exact opposite. To put it even stronger: for anything to exist, there has to be an equal and exact opposite.
For example: you cannot experience sadness without having an idea about happiness. Light cannot be experienced as such if you don’t know what darkness is. To feel successful, you must have a sense of what failure is.
Having become aware of this Universal Law, I know for sure that everything has it's season, my responsibility - my ability to respond" is to remember that this too shall pass while I pull out the tools of action, consistency, faith and self-belief during that time, maybe I need to learn patience or be reminded of patience, maybe I need to be still. Whatever it is
I know now in the so called down times that there is a lesson and many times it has little to do with my "failure" or incompetence
Look at what is happening in your life at the moment, look at it closely, every event has some sort of benefit if looked at from the perspective of the law
In my case, the loss of my job, and financial security allowed me to
1. Find something that I love  to do- writing books, sharing lessons on the journey with women throughout the world, developing the NiNa Programme
2. Learn to ask for help
So……how bad was the bankruptcy really? Well, not nice, for sure, but with many seeds of an equivalent or greater benefit!
Try it in your own life, whether personally or professionally. Keep in mind that for everything “bad” there must be something “good”, and find it!


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