Perception is a choice and not a fact - ACIM

Perception, I have learnt, is determined by  a combination of my beliefs and my  experiences. I totally agree  that it a choice  and as with choices, another one can always be made.

I have been practicing changing my  choices where perceptions are concerned because really it is only a change of mind. When the  Resistance to changing my perceptions comes up, I ask myself why? why the resistance to an alternative view?
Let's take an example. My perception on my own ability to generate income from speaking, writing and working with women and girls has always been that it is a "side job", and that earning a living from it would be damm near impossible.

I have made a choice to change that perception because it is not a fact and more importantly because it blocks my blessings.
I continue to treat the opportunities as side jobs- all of this affects me and the outcome subconsciously.
For this reason, I have decided to change my mind, make a new choice and perceive things differently.
I also recognize that this change of mind is a process and not an event, thus it will take time to master
What are some of the perceptions that you wish to question today?


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