We create all the time

The only way you can make something different is to do something different - Marianne Williamson

We create all the time. Creativity is not confined to the artists, we are born to create. That is why we are here. Creativity is our gift. We are always creating- consciously or subconsciously. Our creation begins with our thoughts- what are you thinking? Do you really want to know? Watch your life. It really is that simple
The thought process is the genesis. 
What are you thinking?
What are you thinking?
What are you thinking?

We have been given the power- the power to name things great, this is part of our manifestation tools which all start with thoughts

Do an experiment, when you think about something on a consistent basis see what happens
Changing your thoughts is the first step in changing your life
How awesome is it that we can change our mind anytime we want, that we can make new choices at any time we desire
This is the basis of living our highest lives



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