The word is a force

Get to know yourself - we spend time looking outside of ourselves for something or someone to tell us who we are - Take the time to know who you are - Marianne Williamson

Do you label yourself?
What do you express yourself as?
What comes after your "I AM?"
How did you get to that space?

I have been paying attention to how I label myself, because I truly believe that I have the power to manifest my reality through my words and my thoughts.
Noticing this I caught myself saying "OMG I am so weak" - No you're not, you aren't weak
Continually labelling yourself weak will not turn out well for you

I also started noticing what other people were telling me about themselves

I am so stupid
I only eat fruits before 9am
I am full of shit
OMG, the self abuse is too much
Watch the way you describe yourself, talk to yourself, express yourself
What's even more startling is when we affirm the positive, we express ourselves in a positive way people get uncomfortable and say we are being cocky and arrogant. It is not humbling to affirm the negative- trust me!

Affirm the positive
Speak it into being
Love yourself
and remember the word is a force


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