You get what you believe

This is what I know for sure, you don’t get what you wish for, you don’t even get what you hope for. You get what you believe.” Oprah

Honey, get your BS right!
Yes, your BS - Belief System

Because as Oprah says, you get what you believe

When you are at peace with what you have done, with what you have created it is from a place of belief
When you are at the point of not having to prove anything or to anyone, you are acting from a place of belief

I did not understand the whole point about self belief fully until I took the time to think about why I was "losing" certain things or not being able to hold on or get certain things
Do you believe that you deserve love?
Do you believe you deserve success?
Do you believe you deserve abundance?
Do you believe you deserve harmony?
All the "things" you acquire are in an attempt to "get" love, recognition, harmony, and peace
they represent them but no thing can be love, no thing can be harmony. The things represent the feelings but it must come a place of belief and what you believe you deserve, anything else is always striving and suffering and ego



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