The Law of Process

If we hold on to the mistake, we can’t see our own glory in the mirror because we have the mistake between our faces and the mirror; we can’t see what we’re capable of being Maya  Angelou
Your process in your life's journey is step by step.

STEP - "Success Treasures Enthusiastic Persistence"
Step by step, inch by inch, moment by moment ants build an anthill. Come rain, come shine, step by step, inch by inch, moment by moment - and after a while the anthill is complete.
The first step in the process of your life is creating a goal for you. What inspires you, what are you passionate about, what excites you, what touches your heart?
The Next Step - is to ask yourself: Are you prepared to put in the effort and the sacrifices that require commitment to your goal?
The Next Step - is to make sure you are committed to risk your all, to persist through fear, doubt, discouragement, discomfort, routine, boredom and frustration.
The Next Step - is to discover if you have got what it takes to draw upon your inner strength when the going gets tough to find out what you are really made of.
The Next Step - are you prepared to find out Who You Really Are - to find out how strong and magnificent you really are, how powerful beyond any self imposed limits you really are.
The Next Step - is to acknowledge that people rarely ever fail; they only stop trying.
The Next Step - Are you now ready to take your first physical step with enthusiasm knowing what your goal is but focusing only on your next step, then the next step, and so on.
The Next Step - You will need discipline and patience as you persist step by step. Your enthusiasm grows into persistence and dogged determination - step by step.
The Next Step - Step by step you need the process, the patience, the persistence to reach any goal.
The Next Step - Before you even reach your goal, which is only a momentary satisfaction of accomplishment, you begin to realize, step by step, that the victory is in the process. The reward is also the journey not only the goal.
The Next Step - When you reach your goal, you realize how you limited yourself and you create another goal, the journey never ends.
The Next Step - You become aware that the reward is not WHAT you do - it's HOW you do it - step by step.
For every step - Trust the Process - Step by Step


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