I allow myself to look at the anger, the fear, the resentment I may be feeling. I don't hide it; that just perpetuates the wrong-mindedness. I am willing to see my own feelings differently as well. I recognize that perhaps I am judging myself for feeling them. So, as I did with the external judgment, I do with the internal: I affirm I am willing to see it differently and ask for help. And I wait. ACIM

I got to the meeting early, I sat down around the table surrounded by people who have important roles in the organisation according to their titles. I secretly sent love to everyone in the room and prayed for a good meeting and to be guided- not by the ego.
The discussion was interesting, I listened intently, I see every encounter as an opportunity to learn and grow. I said my piece and there it was, someone around the table did not agree and decided to show it very passionately. I listened and honestly got so angry and judgmental. the thoughts that passed through my mind - OMG it shocked me! I wanted to honestly as they say where I am from, buss some cuss in the place
I started to judge myself and then it hit me
Feel the feelings
this is part of the lesson
you do not have to act on it
but it is telling you something
pay attention
then decide
now that you have the tools, there is no need to suppress and bury your feelings, to let them fester
I took a breath
I said calmly, I hear you, I see you and my opinion does not change that I have heard you and that I see you, this is just my opinion, that is all. We can disagree and still be respectful
yayyy me
Feel the thing
use the tools
be willing to see it differently
that was my lesson


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