Keep it for the good stuff

Our problems need energy to live." Tony

 Here's the perfect recipe to ruin your day, ruin your month, or end up in a year-long funk (if you want one): have something happen you can't control, try and control it, get worked up about it, tell all 25 of your best friends about it, end up in long conversations about it every chance you get, think about it all the time, obsess over how none of it is going right, pour a ton of emotion on the flame of the problem turning into a bonfire, do nothing to correct it other than worry, freak, cry, and panic...and you have a breakdown in the making. You have so much suffering.

Life doesn't have to be like that. It's not supposed to feel like that. Things are going to happen. Life will break you. Humans will hurt you. We know that. But the meaning you give to it, the energy you add to it will keep it living, growing, and festering until negativity shows up everywhere: in your words, in your outlook, in your body, in your energy. Problems will sink their teeth into your being unless you choose to release them.

How do you release? You talk about it only when it's necessary to your process. You put it into perspective. You focus on what you're grateful for that's going right. You assume good will. You create a solution and get into action. You see a therapist if you can't do it on your own. You journal. You pray and ask for help removing your focus on it. You understand it. You get into the soul-level and you choose to release it.

Evaluate your day: where you are adding energy to problems that don't matter? Where are you giving your time and focus on things that are negative instead of letting them go?

Keep your precious, magical energy for the good stuff.
Thank you Maxie McCoy


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