It starts inside

It is pointless to try to shift and change external circumstances in our physical worlds without first addressing what is going on in our internal worlds. The outer is always a reflection of the inner. So get to know yourself.....what is going on within you that is creating your current reality? 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be among a community group, I have been working with this group for a little while. They have a huge vision and intention to empower their community for future generations. A lofty goal but hey, start at the top and dream big I say. To see the evolution of this is phenomenal, the major difference in the time that I have been there is, as I was talking about yesterday, a combination of consistency and discipline and a change of mind set
The mind set of responsibility - we are responsible for ourselves
The mind set of partnership - let's partner with people, let us corporate, it is not about competition but corporation
The mind set of the village raises the children - we are all responsible for the children
The mind set of we cannot "save" everybody- who wants to come along will come, those who don't bless them and move on
I am always inspired when I spend time there, the lessons that I learn are profound, it reminds me that simplicity is force. We complicate the thing for no good reason other than fear.

The change starts within, the inside reflects the outside and most importantly no thought is neutral. It becomes form on some level, watch the thoughts, watch the inside. Brutally honest, what is reflected on the outside is an effect of what is on the inside. It is a tough one to swallow

but yet beautiful because a change of mind is the start of a change of circumstances and life


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