Ask the Questions

You never told me you were waiting. Contemplating - SOS Band 

In the four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, he talks about not making assumptions but asking questions to be absolutely clear. Doing that requires courage and knowing that you may hear a response that may not be what to hear. There is the danger of running around in your head with a made up story without knowing the real deal when you don't have the courage or whatever it takes to ask and be clear
In my country they say when you make assumptions it can make an ass out of you
So what would it take to asking these hard questions apart from courage?

1. Self Belief - believing that whatever the outcome and answer you are ready and capable to handle it

2. Trust - Trust yourself, trust the process

3. Honesty - complete and sometimes brutal honesty is required

4. Believing that the other party will take responsibility for their feelings



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