How do you choose to respond?

Listen, every day comes with countless opportunities for you to go nuts, to be upset, to judge, to feel sad and small and hopeless or whatever. If you want to go there, you can. But what not enough of us realize yet is that there is another option available.
You can also go into your day remembering who you are - an extension of God, here to spread light and love. And when something or someone triggers you, you can choose, Nope I'm not gonna go there. I'm gonna stand my ground and be the most kind, loving, forgiving and compassionate person I can be. All that darkness coming my way - I'm just gonna let it slide right off and participate in spreading the light. Elisa Lionne

How do you approach the day? Every day
Free will allows us the opportunity to respond in any which way we can. What a beautiful thing. How we show up, How we respond makes up the story of our life. Remember that in this holiday season and even after, you always have a choice on how you respond, on how you approach the day.
What will you choose?
Have a happy and safe holiday season I wish you and your family love, peace, blessings and more


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