The truth remains true

what was never true is not true now, and never will be ACIM

An untruth cannot be changed into truth, despite our best intentions and wishes. We tend to make up stories. We make them up for different reasons when we are faced with the truth
It isn't supposed to be like this
I can make it better
Maybe I can live with this
It will change
I will ignore it and it will go away

Maybe, maybe not, but the truth is the truth no matter what reasons, rationale, justification or excuses we make
The challenge is once we know we cannot go back to not knowing, with knowledge comes responsibility. Many times it is scary to move, especially when it involves change and the unknown. Who says action must happen right away, we can take our time before we move, meditate, ask questions, pray, then act. The most important thing is there is nothing to fear and it is all lessons

That's the truth


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