EveryTHING is fleeting

Our attachments are always based on fear. We stay attached to a job, a belief system, a relationship, a city, behavioral patterns, addictions or negative mental thought processes ~ that no longer serves us ~ because we are afraid of the unknown, the what if's... and we don't want to step out of our comfort zones. Sabrina Reber 

Are you willing to lose it all to gain it all? As soon as I heard the question is jolted me out of my sleep walking state. I mean, who will be willing to lose it all I asked myself? 
Are you willing? Willing in this case means prepared to do
Are you prepared to do that thing which is required to gain it all, which can include losing it all?
Fear keeps us stuck in one spot, it halts us in the same position because of the unknown.
We know what we have and the unknown is not guaranteed. It is pretty scary to lose what you have without a guarantee that something better will replace it, and that is the battle we face
We want guarantees now, evidence of what is to come
Newsflash - ain't gonna happen
We have all the tools available to build the life we want but it takes courage, it takes willingness and there are no guarantees that it will turn out exactly the way we want it to, it all the time turns out better - the lessons, the people, the journey- is always worth it whether we believe it or not
There is really nothing outside of us that can complete us - because everything is fleeting and for a time on your journey

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