Success is.......

You may not have a vacation home in Hawaii, but you have a cozy roof above your head in a city you love. Success. Maxie

I have a small circle of peeps! so small they can fit comfortably in an SUV. I appreciate them - I really ought to tell them more - but I digress
They support me, they keep it real with me and they are doing their own thing in their own way. I accept that as well
This is one of my definition of success.
Some of them I don't speak to every day and many times there is no need but when we speak its on!!!
I have learnt to appreciate the people who support and love you, I have learnt that we don't always have to speak daily to know that we care (social media helps heaps) I have learnt that acceptance of what they are doing is key to authenticity. I have learnt that we are never alone even if we think that we are. 
Giving thanks for my peeps today and tomorrow and beyond
Love Y'all 


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