E3 Series

There is something about the attitude of gratitude. It is a decoder and it allows you to see possibilities, whatever it is, financial affairs, body temple, you name it. It allows you to see things you were missing before Rev Johnson

Today I have the pleasure and opportunity to speak at the University of the West Indies - I walked those halls a few years ago, sat in the library all day studying for my accounting exams, not having a clue on what the future held but resolute in my mind that I would be successful. Back then success meant having things and a family, 2 children a dog and a big lawn where I could smell the grass freshly cut.
Today it is a whole other definition
I am graeful for the lessons, the redefinition of success and more importantly the opportunity to return and share the lessons on the journey
What I have learnt is that no matter what it looks like - it is happening FOR you not TO you. Pay attention and see where it leads when you change your view on it

Friday 3 pm to  7 pm join me as I share lessons on the Journey


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