Stand in your Power

Just put it on the table and let people deal with it - Michelle Obama

How many times have we dimmed our light?
How many times have we been afraid to admit- even to our own damm selves that we did a good job, that we are smart and worked hard?
How many times have we dumb it down to make people feel comfortable around us?
Hell, I have been doing that and sometimes unconsciously but you know what? Knowledge is power and once we know we cannot go back to acting as if we don't know
So here is the thing - It ends NOW

As Ms Obama says- put it out there, let people deal with the you that is beautiful, powerful, smart, bright, amazing, and awesome. And if they cannot deal with it, then breathe and walk out with your head held high
There is nothing more demeaning than dismissing your own power
Don't do it
Do you


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