it was amazing to feel myself becoming more me than ever. But in-between those power-moments was some ugly terror and resentment. Bones into soup. Comfort into chaos. Commitments into dissolution.This is what healing looks like. Danielle La Porte

Have you ever listened to yourself tell a story or answer a question from someone who asked something which you really didn't like or felt slight discomfort in answering? I have been paying attention to the words I utter in those situations. I started paying attention to remind myself that words have power and how I express myself can and usually does show up in my world, whether I am taking responsibility or outsourcing it.

I have learnt that ,Listening is an art, it starts with listening to yourself, it gives you the practice to listen to others and to listen to what is around you. Listening promotes awareness and learning, two key qualities in living a full authentic life.  When you listen, you discover. You explore, you grow. 

Pay attention to those who speak more than they listen- it is usually a cry, or a mask of pain. Sometimes it is nervousness, the need to be right and perfect, to show that they are worthy enough and can live up the expectations they believe are placed on them
Inside of all that the learning and the discovery is missing.

I remember my granma saying listen and learn. I thought at the time she was telling me to shut up. And that is how I took it, I kept quiet and the reputation that I got was that I was "a very quiet child" I was just afraid to speak at the time but now I interpret listen and learn so differently! Thanks granma!
Are you listening?

In case you missed it
There is Power in Your Story - TedX 2016


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