Judge Not

be very careful about passing judgment on each other’s learning experiences.  Raise Your Vibration

One of my daily prayers is "Please allow me to release all judgement" 
The struggle is real!
From wanting things my way
From not knowing the full story
From the timing being out of sync
And yada yada yada
How something "should" be
I should be further along in my life and finances right now
I should be over the divorce

All this shoulding on myself! And when this happens I do the same on others
All this triggered by both a conversation and the fact that society has told me that I am a "financial risk"
I know there is a lesson in there somewhere including me taking responsibility for myself and my finances
My responsibility now is to get still, listen, get the lesson and get out of the mess
When I judge others I judge myself and vice versa- the cycle continues
Everyone has their own lives, lessons and journey
that is an undeniable fact, paying attention to our own and learning the lessons makes it easy to stay out of other people's stuff


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