Unveiling 2017

As the curtain falls on 2016, I am grateful. Grateful for the lessons, the triumphs, the trips, the friends gained and lost, the lessons and the love.

My most telling lesson was do absolutely nothing with the intention to prove and do it all in love.
From that space everything follows.
I made a many decisions in fear, fear of what would happen to me, fear of what people would say or not day and it left me drained and draining. I have surely learnt my lesson.
I am looking forward to this year, I love the uncertainty, I love it, it is so exciting knowing that anything can happen at anytime and all of it, yes all of it is FOR me and I have the awesome ability to make another choice, to change my mind, to choose with love
I want to thank everyone who has read my blogs, come to my events, bought my books, watched my Ted Talk, watched my videos, shared lessons on the journey and just supported
I thank you
I love you

Blessings to you and yours for a wonderful 2017 and beyond




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