Start with YES

We can’t change anything if we don’t first acknowledge it! Accept where you are right here, right now and know you have the power within you to make new choices that will expand your consciousness moving you into an upward spiral where you have the potential to raise your vibration high enough so you can attain divine union with your God self. Sabrina Reber

So this morning I'm on Facebook, and the "Your Memories on Facebook" pop up on my feed, OMG just everything is always right on time all the time! 
This was a sweet piece of advice that was given to me as I was contemplating leaving to come back to Trinidad , as I leave 2016 it is so fitting. I am sharing

What did I learn today? Start with YES!! What happens when you leave here? All the possibilities scare you to death! The dragons are not to be slain but to be befriended you don’t have to know where you going but to trust that you are going in the right direction, the back that you are going to is going to be different not only would you be different the circumstances will be different and you will be too big for the boxes you left, you don’t have to worry about what to keep and what to add!
This journey is not going back to the place you left, it means a change of everything, it might really mean a change of everything. You are not going back to the place you came from, but you are going back to the beginning, coded in greatness and grandness. The small little life that you were clinging to? Ha ha!! Let it go! This preparation is now. This is now the place of all possibility! Breathe that in. You can’t ask how all of it is going to fit in to the new plan, all needs will be met, whatever is suppose to stay will stay and whatever is supposed to go will go and you will be all right with it
Every single thing you went through was part of your preparation. Let go of judgement and you be open and willing, just as you were when you were here!
You say yes and it’s all there, everything, the love, the house, the opportunities, don’t micro manage it accept it as it unfolds. Drama is optional, you’ve come too far now! The only way
out is through ,the choice? Is it going to be joyous or kicking and screaming? Your choice!
The journey to here, I know you had one, I don’t know it all but I know there was one and I don’t mean using the plane, now right now, trust and say yes, are you ready for this journey? are you ready to step into your life? Are you ready? Peace!!


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