Anything (person, place, gig, idea, arrangement, obligation, practice, policy...) that does not resonate with your deep heart... is distraction.

Activity that pulls you away from your true strengths… is distraction.
Thoughts that do not sync with your deep trust… is distraction.
Relationships that do not support your full potential… distraction.

All the opposites of your pleasure, your strength, your truth… distraction Danielle La Porte 

It takes determination to fool proof the distractions
It takes courage to fool proof the distractions
It takes self belief to fool proof the distractions
It takes discipline to fool proof the distractions

According to Danielle La Porte "Distraction is inevitable, it’s essential, even, because we learn through contrast. Distraction is a gear that we grind to move forward"

The challenge is being stuck in the holding pattern of being distracted! it also is when you have managed to come out of the pattern what do you do? I celebrate! I think its pretty darn awesome to get over the distractions and forge ahead! I celebrate like a soca star because trust me, this shit ain't easy

I pat myself on the back and then I wheel and come again!

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