All or Nothing

There are only two alternatives, everything and nothing there is no compromise, no in between.  ACIM

A Course in Miracles talk about  compromise . Following on from yesterday's non negotiable theme. I thought it was fitting that I read about "no compromise" so soon after.
Compromise by the human definition is "the expedient acceptance of standards that are lower than is desirable".

The Course mentions that love, peace, joy, there is no in between, no compromise. I love that, Love is all in, peace is all in and so is joy. It just is! No acceptance of standards which are lower than is desirable.
There is no half love or bargaining of it, then that is not love is it? Half peace, half joy. Its all or nothing. This is the state I want to move to, even in things such as discipline, health, exercise, eating habits. Its all in, everything, no compromise, part of the non negotiables

No pre-requisites, all in and now. There is no passive acceptance of a lower standard.

How many times have we been in the middle of a situation, on the fence, sending mixed signals to Universe. Telling everyone that you don't know, you are not sure, you are giving it some more thought! Many times it is stuck in the middle- sometimes it is simple - All or nothing

All or nothing with your self worth
All or nothing with your dreams
All or nothing with your vision

What's it going to be?



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