Build your Tribe

Creation is an extension of thought. Iyanla Vanzant

Your tribe is important. The people who you surround yourself with. The use of your  free will comes in here. We get to choose who is in the tribe. We get to decide who are the ones that stay on the bus, the ones we ride with.
This is not by default, because you grew up with them or the history of them being around you or the family for decades. That may be part of the reason however if they are not FOR you,, your growth, your truth then hey, what are they doing in the tribe?

The tribe may not be huge - sometimes quality over quantity - the key thing is you believe that you can show up as you, live your truth and know that if you are going down a slippery slope the tribe will pull you back and let you know with compassion, love and non judgement to change the road.

Your tribe may change over time - because you are ever evolving and that is Okay. Sometimes we feel guilty when people are evolving in a different way on a different path to us. Everyone has their own journey and life to live, we meet along the way, some you have to leave- with love

Build your tribe
Build it with love
Build it with authenticity
Build it with compassion
Build it real
I truly believe we are not meant to do this thing called life alone
And I will admit it has been tough for me to build a tribe. there are many reasons I can use to justify it, some are BS and some - it is just what it is
I grew up as on only child, I heard around my house that independence is what strong people posesses, to stay in my corner and as time went by I belived asking for help and opening up was a weakness
Nothing stops you in your track then when you are brought to your knees! I was at that point, I was on my knees, pretending that I was standing tall

As Alex Elle says " surround yourself with people who love you, who are authentic, and who balance you out"

Don't feel guilty if everyone cannot be in the tribe- such is life
Love those hard who are in!


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