Positive Vibes Alone

Where you are born is not up to you, but where you stay is totally up to you - Lisa Nicols

I'm done explaining the vibe
I'm done
I'm done explaining to people who tell me that I am unrealistic and  just too positive and laid back
I'm done
Listen, I have chosen to be this way, it works for me, it feels good, it contributes to my health, to my sleep, to my joy, to my lifestyle. Similing feels better than frowning. Laughing feels better than complaining
I don't know about you but worrying, stressing, wanting to control things that are out of my control, and sourness gets me back pain, sore throat, sniffles and belly pain. It gets me wrinkles and side eye twiches and things just take longer to happen.
This  choice is how I show that patience, trust, faith and surrender are real
This choice is how I know that life happens for me not to me
Thinking positive does not mean failing to plan for things that can go wrong and take necessary action to mitigate it and accepting other people's BS
It also does not mean being blind to what is working in the present moment and fantasizing that everything is just fine
Positivity is an attitude you carry
It is a state of mind that is independent of external situations
Positivity implies that no matter what the situation you don’t lose trust in yourself and in life and God 
And know that you know that you know it's all gonna work out fine



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