Do you know the process for sure?

I’ve got a question for you? How can you evaluate the process when you don’t really know what the process is or how it works? Many of us believe that we are not doing life right, or that things are going wrong in our lives, when we have absolutely no idea what the process is or how it really works. Yes, we all have some basic idea of what to do and what not to do. Many of us know what we want. Some of us believe that we know how we can get what we want

What few of us know with an absolute certainty is whether or not what we believe about the process is the truth about the process Iyanla

Each of us have our own journey, we have our own path. The problem starts when we want to compare our path to others, yes there may be similarities, we may meet up along the way and walk together that is not to say we have the same journey. 
The challenge comes in when we, with our unique gifts and talents, try to fit in to a box. The status quo perhaps? Maybe we want to make our parents proud, our spouse, the people in the neighborhood and we do things that are either make us feel miserable or believe it is our lot for whatever reason. 
Change is a part of the process, that I know for sure
Everything else I cannot say for certain
The courage to live our lives and our truth rewards us with such peace it really does passes all understanding
The challenge is digging out the courage amidst all the noise
I had my life mapped out, I had it planned and sanitized down to a science.
It ticked all the boxes that I believed at the time made me successful, a good girl and acceptable
Parents - Happy
Grandparents- Happy
Family - Proud
Bosses - Happy 
Me - Confused
That equation was a recipe for disaster, totally unsustainable
The truth is - I had my own journey and path, embracing it, though challenging at first and sometimes still is, makes me feel at peace
Courage - find it


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