For the only significant work to be done is in our own minds.

It's high time to consider the infinite possibilities for any outcome. Please ditch that template someone else gave you—it only represents minute possibilities. Deborah L Johnson

I was telling a friend yesterday that my prayer is that I my prayer is for me to me non judgmental and to not ever act superior at all. It was totally bothering me, I could not understand why, no matter what, I felt no affinity to someone that I spend a lot of time with on a daily basis. I kept my self talk up to look at the positives, find the love, look for the lessons. 

 A Course in Miracles says "It is very easy to get ourselves all tied up in knots when we become concerned about our behavior, and what is right and what is wrong. The focus on behavior, or form, is one of the ego’s clever tricks for keeping us in conflict, pondering what seem to be reasonable questions. And so it is helpful to understand that the Course is never really concerned with modifying or directing our behavior, but only our thoughts 

And the only distinction the Course makes is whether a thought has its origins in the ego thought system, which would be something that reinforces the belief in separation, differences and guilt, or the Holy Spirit’s thought system, which would recognize the common purpose we all share of finding a way out of our confusion and pain, despite all of our differences on the level of form.
So the question no longer becomes am I doing everything right or not, but am I looking with my right mind or my wrong mind at whatever I am thinking and doing? If I am feeling guilty and conflict-ridden and confused, I can recognize that’s my ego. But if I am clear that the only thing I really need to learn is to look on all choices, both my own and others, without judgment or fear or attack, then I am looking with my right mind. If I make that my focus, the question of what specific behaviors I should carry out will begin to recede in importance. Not that I won’t continue to get caught from time to time in focusing my attention on my behavior and its consequences rather than on my thoughts and their consequences. But I will begin to recognize the ego conflict that always underlies that focus on form, and I will begin to ask for help more frequently in looking at the situation differently.
The lesson comes back to the thought process- what am I thinking, what you think is what you create


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