I walk with an army of love

Simply by never using weakness to direct your actions, you have given it no power ACIM

One of the best things I ever heard about "showing up" was from the great Dr Maya Angelo. She talked about how we can never be alone when we step into any room, any situation, any circumstances simply by calling on not just our ancestors but every single person who we knew ever loved us. She said when she was about to enter the room, she would say "come on, let's go, we have something to do and somewhere to be" then she showed up and people would say "oh my, such charisma you have" she said, it was all the love in the room. I loved that so much. From the day I heard that I knew for sure that I could never be "alone and lonely" in doing anything. I even have to learn to balance it because I really spend quite a bit of time in my own company
When I step in a meeting room, on a stage, wherever I have an army of love with me and that feels super duper awesome.
Give it a go and let me know how it feels


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