Take Responsibility

The unacceptable behavior of people in your life has nothing to do with you. The people you pick to remain in your life however, has everything to do with you. Yogi Baggan

The gift of free will!
More than likely you may have heard that we have full responsibility for our lives. Which simply means that we have the ability to respond.There are some things that we cannot control but betcha we have the ability to respond in any situation. And herein lies our power

How do you respond to people who treat you in a way which does not honor the divinity in you?
How do you respond to a crisis?
How do you respond when he or she decides to leave and you do not understand why?
To bankruptcy
To job loss?
or whatever it is

We have the ability to choose but we are either not taught that, forgot it or choose to play victim. Someone must save us or must act right or whatever it is you have decided. 
I learnt that taking responsibility for my life can be eye opening because it really indicated not only that I can choose to be a victim or not but the level of power that I have in my choosing and response.

Taking full responsibility does not mean going through life alone, it brings out our self trust. How much do we trust in our own abilities, our own divinity, our own power. It means the willingness to accept the consequences/effects which are related to you. It is a constant practice and will become the norm because practice makes masters

There  are people and things in your life that you kow you must take responsibility for making a change, what's stopping you?


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