Newness. Freshness. Continuation

Newness. Freshness. Continuation. Clarity. The shift of perspective that activates the wisdom download and triggers the hindsight upload. For wisdom is the weapon that assists many warriors to return home. And hindsight is the compass that guides so many lost souls home. Floacist

I sat down this morning to write what my vision for 2017 is, how do I want my life to look.
I looked at the blank page and thought about how writing this down would give it life, I thought about if and how willing I was to do what it takes to live the life that I want in 2017. And it hit me, why not think and dream big? Why keep it small. Why not envision what you really really want to do. That comes with clarity. You must know what it is you really really want to do, that clarity takes courage. Most of us are afraid to think big just in case it never happens and we disappoint ourselves. Especially if we write it down and tell it to someone else, that makes us even more accountable.
Sharing it says to someone that we are doing something, then the what if's start overtaking us!

I have learnt that clarity brings courage, from courage comes conviction from conviction faith and discipline follows
I wrote down some pretty big stuff for my 2017 and I am ready. It may not turn out how I envision it, it may just be even better
I am open and willing to go on the journey
What will my 2017 Look Like
How will I achieve it
My meditation for today

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