Take Responsibility

Not taking responsibility for your life means blaming, finding causes, excuses and reasons for what is going on in your life as if they had nothing to do with you. Not taking responsibility means crying or complaining about the good that is not happening, while making very few efforts to determine that IT WILL happen. Not taking responsibility means asking someone to do for you the things you must do for yourself and being angry when they don't do it. It cannot be said loud enough or enough times, your life is your responsibility! Think of it this way if you cannot be responsible for your life, how can you expect to be responsible for the good things you want to receive? Iyanla Vazant

Your life is your responsibility, that is one of my best lessons yet
We outsource our happiness and then when we are not happy we blame and project
You name it, food is supposed to make you happy, having a relationship will make you happy, the right type of job and car and house and handbag and shoes and you name it , if you look at it all - all external "things" which are fleeting!

You are responsible for your life- it's just that simple
You have the ability to respond to every single thing that is in your life.You may not like what is going on but you can sure choose your response. It's called free will baby!

So what's it going to be?


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